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The Fat Bee Experience

Fat Bee is a popular Vietnamese artisan boba cafe in Overland Park that makes desserts and a variety of coffees, quality teas, milk teas, desserts, and more!


We started out as a small local business, but now are growing into a franchise from the help of our customers. The name of the store “Fat Bee” arose from our saying “BEElieve in happiness.”


Store Setting and Experience

Fat Bee is the perfect place to hang out, study, or whatever you would like because of our comforting environment, aesthetic store setting, and great customer service. Our beautiful lighting, floor designs, and fine seating create a pleasing customer area.  


We have served people of different backgrounds and ages since opening in 2017 with trained baristas preparing and serving engaging drinks and desserts and providing quality service

The Fat Bee Difference

Fat Bee has created our own branding through tea imported from Vietnam, along other important ingredients imported as well, and brewed and served fresh in our store. Our beautifully hand-crafted drinks are served with charming decorations, fresh boba, and a variety of other toppings. 

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