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Fat Bee is the perfect place to hang out, study, or whatever you would like because of our comforting environment, aesthetic store setting, and great customer service. Our beautiful lighting, floor designs, and fine seating create a pleasing customer area.  


We have served people of different backgrounds and ages since opening in 2017 with trained baristas preparing and serving engaging drinks and desserts and providing quality service

The first Fat Bee location opened in Overland Park, Kansas in 2017. Since the beginning, we have worked hard and tirelessly to create the Fat Bee franchise, that first took place in 2021 from the opening of our second store in Lee Summit. Fat Bee's growth was only possible thanks to our customers, especially those who have been through the journey since the beginning.


Our support system

Great Tasting Menu

Fat Bee Cafe features the most unique, best tasting drinks and toppings in the industry. This leads to a broader demographic appeal – not to mention a solid customer base of loyal, raving fans! 

Construction and Remodeling

Fat Bee feature designing floorplan layouts and 3D store design to make sure the store is consistent with the brand. A list of proper equipment, materials, and interior design will be provided. 

Comprehensive Training Program

Fat Bee will send a supervisor for the franchisee and start training locally, provided that the store is completely set up and in a ready for business condition.

Marketing & Advertising support

Fat Bee will help you develop a successful local store marketing plan to include a Grand Opening event as well as ongoing promotions.


Fill out the application and we will reach out to you!


Speak with our representative and review of our business model.


Searching for the best possible location.


Starting with all the process, from signing FDD to team training, you are ready to operate Fat Bee of your own! 

Contact Us

Learn more about franchise opportunities? Please fill out the form and we will get in touch! 

Franchise Inquiry Form
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